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Episodes 51 Update Hurling After Dawn 65 of 1606AF Cleer View
Lamari afflicted by dragons spawn
A swarm of young red dragons has attacked the Barony of Ilturpen and the western coast of Lamari, assaulting farms, villages and undefended towns. The sudden assaults have seen as many as a dozen young dragons acting in unison to carry off livestock and prisoners, assisted by their kobold and dragling allies.

Initial investigations by Baron Ilturpen indicate the dragons are emerging from Mount grill and that their numbers are growing rapidly. Of most concern is that these dragons seem to be growing very quickly, for a Siege Knight, Captain Valeri has fought the same dragon twice. Fighting the beast, now nicknamed One Tusk, no more than a month apart she stated he was twice the size he had been when she had cut the young beasts left tusk clean off. Having beaten him once again she is now very concerned that next time he will gain his revenge should his rapid growth in size and power continue at the current rate.

Young Red Dragons swarm out of Mount Grill

Mount Grill and the Lost City of Orban

Mount Grill, also referred to as Griltharnaxus, is the largest volcanic mountain on Aleastor. It has for many hundreds of years lain dormant but for the last seven years smoke and flame have been seen around the heights of the mountain. Grilltharnaxus, or “birthing pool” in the common tongue, is the legendary graveyard of the red dragons, who return here at the very end of their lives, lying in the lava pools of the volcano before departing to the Halls of the Departed. For in the fires of this volcano did Tharn create the first red dragons in the dawn of time before unleashing them upon the Forin. After the Purge and the departure of the Forin from Orban, Zahkasa the Red Terror made Mount Grill his home for a short period. He often returns to the mountain, laying waste to any new growth on the bare mountain slopes and the barren hills near his domain known as the Wastes of Zahkasa.
Orban and the Last Arch Chancellor
The Forin city of Orban, High Seat of the last Arch Chancellor, was once the premier Forin city. Lying as it did upon the strong magical field of the birthing pool, yet protected from the volcanoes power by its mages and sorcerers, Orban was renowned as a place of learning, magic, runic power and the arts. However Orban fell into ruin at the time of The Purge when Arch Chancellor Sean Connery kept the portal to the Great Varne City of Goralin open, rescuing a few families of Varne from the doomed city even as the Kraken finally overcame High King Nadir’s epic defence. To prevent the enemy using the still open teleport in their pursuit of King Nadir’s family and friends, Connery sealed Orban shut and released the lava of Mount Grill to fill the city as the Forin fled with their knowledge, artefacts and tomes through the Library Gateway to Kothra Fastness.
Five years ago a Forin expedition from the University of Kothra managed to locate Orban and an archaeological dig was begun but it was cancelled unexpectedly and the party relocated to the Isles of Convent. Not long after the Medusa Queen, Tentiara (7th of 9 at the time but now the 7th of 4th, the 4th being Mindworm) appeared and the dig there was also abandoned. On Yearalin 267 of 1605 the Ten Headed Fleet, led by the Medusa Queen Tentiara fell upon the unprotected northern coast of the Corentyn peninsula. Quickly over running and sacking the few isolated towns and villages of the Barony of Ilturpen, the bulk of the enemy forces reportedly returned to their ships before sailing northwest and then striking inland towards the newly reawakened volcanic mountain, Mount Grill.
The Story so far For Episodes 1-44 see previous pre reads.

Episode 45 Varling 293 1605

The Hand of Alel returned in triumph to Adavian Bridge courtesy of the altar that is The Unicorn of Surilan. After a brief rest they attended a feast in their honour and observed the unveiling of a statue in their honour created by the Missionary Arvaya aka Gwenlin Bell. Gwenlin was originally taken from Cleerport to High Watch Pass then to Kalandir where she was subjected to terrible tortures and corrupted by the Dorlon to worjk as an instrument of Astor. She was taken through a portal to Adavian Bridge and released with orders to kill the Hand of Alel but managed to overcome the Dorlon training by expressing herself in artistic form – now with the HofA she is free from the Dorlon but must express herself artistically for fear of the darkness within!
Episode 46 Hurling 294 1605
The Hand of Alel with Reese the Priest of Oriel and Gwenlin Bell dared the rapids of the Rift River and have entered the Porthlian Fens as they seek the artefacts believed to have driven Lord Porth and his Forin daughter insane. They encountered huge and ferocious Barb Toads and the strange Baginniek. From Murdoch The Witchwyrd (driven away from Penrath as a witch) they learnt of the fall from grace of Orianna and her remaining 28 Grey Maidens who are believed to be somewhere near the site where the Lady of Light once stood, possibly with the Larques Roaly Dean, daughter of Lord Porth.
Episode 47-48 Curling 295 1605

The Hand met the shade of Lord Porth who informed them that Roaly Dean, his own daughter had sent the Grey Maidens to kill him and steal the Creation Shard. The Hand assaulted the lady of Light and slew Roaly Dean only to see the Shard snatched away by the mysterious powers of the Marlin King. Leaving Gwenlin Bell and the reformed Orianna to restore the Lady of Light the hand teleported back to Carharrack in time for the Last Day festivities. Now they are to be led by Reeser the Curlrun cleric to the tomb of the Marlin King in the far north, possibly joined by a new ally.

Episode 49 New years Day to Greening Dawn 61 1606
Troubles lie ahead but at last the Hand get a chance to put their feet up in peace and quiet by the fireside at home before heading north. After a long and strangely untroubled journey following Reeser as an Avatar of Oriel, the Hand met Edo Light of Juridan and confronted the Marlin King beneath the ziggurat in Caranvael Lake. The resulting earthquakes caused problems for the locals but the Hand manage to escape back to Cleer in possession of the Creation Shard, leaving a wave of destruction in their wake. Toy sales fall!.
Episode 50 Greening Dawn to Hurling After Dawn 65 of 1606
Returning to Carharrack the Hand discovers that some of the toy production staff of Mattel Hamley have been eaten by the Umber Hulks living in the dungeon of Carharrack that escaped during the building of Theo’s moat. With the North Tower needing to be rebuilt Theo has arranged for a new Arboretum to be installed at the top so that he can indulge his new passion for exotic teas. Having travelled to High Watch Pass the Hand fought against The Watcher, Arsul Soultheirf the Beholder and the deadly Crunch the Troll who laid poor Hunter low. Surviving an epic battle the Hand met Elsa Schneider in Eagle Peak Fastness and all seemed to be going well until they were accused of the murder of Pendreada Treddilion during the battle for the Lady of Light!

Episode 51 Forling After Dawn 62 of 1606
The Hand stand accused of murder!

The Dralor Calendar of Aleastor

The Aleastor year is divided into five months each of 60 days. Each month is divided into 12 weeks each of five days. Five special days are kept as Feast Days and are generally treated as holidays in civilised areas as they mark important aspects of the life cycle of the natural world and the changing of the seasons. These dates are also important milestones for most races as many of the Churches and Temples of the world hold special celebrations for their deity on these days. This calendar was created by the Curlrun King Dralor Orson in the year 145 AF. It was quickly was adopted by humans and halflings after it was introduced to them by the Curlrun explorers who were the first to map Aleastor after the Fall.

Day of the Year Month Common Name Season Special

1 Alefest New Years Day Renewal 1st day of New Year, important Feast Day 2-60 Alefest Renewal Cold weather begins to fade

61 Surfest Greening Day Greening New growth begins, important Feast Day
62-120 Surfest Greening Weather becomes warmer

121 Tarfest Foal Day Birthing Birthing season begins for the herds
122-149 Tarfest Birthing
150 Tarfest Midday Birthing Middle of the year, important Feast Day
151-180 Tarfest Birthing Weather can become very hot

181 Orfest Storm Day Cooling Oriels Feast – sailors pray for calm seas
182-189 Orfest Cooling Weather cools and seas become violent
190 Orfest Siege Day Cooling Feast Day of the Siege Knights
191 Orfest Cooling
192-195 Orfest Star Night Cooling Feast Day of the Knights of the Firmament
196 Dark Day Starless Night Cooling Night of Astorian Forces attacks!
197-240 Orfest Cooling

241 Jurfest Departed Day Ending Feast of the Ancestors
242-269 Jurfest Ending Weather becomes very cold & seas freeze
270 Jurfest Midwinter Night Ending Astor Feast Day on Kalandir
271-299 Jurfest Ending Winter’s Peak
300 Jurfest Last Day Ending Prayer day of Juridan

Days of the week – The five days of the week (actually called lings) are named for the major civilised races in the order that they appeared on upon Aleastor. They are: Forling, Curling, Yearling, Varling and Hurling.

Festivals Five times a year the annual holidays are observed as festivals and days of rest in almost every civilised land. Each festival is celebrated differently according to the traditions of the land and particular holiday. The Midwinter night festival is not celebrated in civilised lands although children traditionally dress up on this evening and play pranks on their friends and neighbours.

New Years Day is the feast day for Alel and is seen as the day to renew alliances and in the Kingdom of Cleer the nobles of the Kingdom and Ambassadors from other friendly nations attend the Royal court to pledge their loyalty.

Greening Day is the feast day of Surilan the nature deity as it marks the beginning of a period of rapid growth for the plants of the natural world. Farmers make offerings to Surilan as they seek her blessing for their crops.

Birthing Day is the feast day of Tarlon the deity of the wild animals and herds. During this season the herds of the plains and the farm cattle of the civilised lands give birth and human farmers and Yearalin alike pray to Tarlon for a strong new generation to be born.

Storm Day is the Feast day of Oriel the deity of the oceans and seas. Sailors and fishermen pray to Oriel for safe passage and calm seas through the coming storm season as the weather cools and the seas grow wilder.

Departed Day sees the feast to celebrate ancestors and honour the dead and those killed in battle. Stories of the exploits of ancestors mix with the legends of the past until it is hard to tell one from another.

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